Our kick a$$ team writes tested outreach copy and sends thousands of personalized messages to your dream clients on LinkedIn — getting positive responses straight to your inbox.


The power of a lead gen expert at a 100x lower cost. 


We increase your return on investment while decreasing customer acquisition costs.


  • Lead Generation

    Accelerate outbound sales while keeping your messages feeling warm and personal.

  • Lead Follow Up

    Automate following up with your leads 4x times with tailored drip campaigns.

Let Our Team 100x your LinkedIn Reach​

When you take action and get access to our DONE FOR YOU packages you get to 100X your lead gen efforts with our customised Linkedin Lead Gen campaign !


Your LinkedIn outreach should be scaled efficiently and affordably. Our team provides you access to hidden sales opportunities on LinkedIn.


The key to selling with LinkedIn is to first niche down to a highly targeted prospect list so we can personalize messaging, then scale outreach through the LinkedIn inbox.


The key to winning new business is your ability to get in front of your target audience and provide valuable insight.


Our team of highly skilled marketers and copyrighters have been trained in Scott Allan's PACER Methodology and will work directly with you to determine your ideal customer avatar and write a personalised message sequence that practically begs for a response.

Social Selling Via Linkedin Isn't The Future...It's The Now !


The key to selling with LinkedIn is to first niche down to a highly targeted prospect list so we can personalize messaging, then scale outreach through the LinkedIn inbox.

Prospect List


A/B Tested


Expert Sales


Decreased Customer Acquisition Cost

What Customers Are Saying...

Learn what these users have said about KONVERTLI

I have saved nearly 3 hours per day on lead gen. I get messages and appointments with my target market and I spend my time on revenue based activities.

Lachlan Scott


I’m exceedingly pleased with the results so far, it looks like I should get 4 clients from the first month alone with another 9 high quality appointments already set.

John Coots

Head of Business Development

KONVERTLI is fantastic ! I can now spend more time with my clients adding value because my lead gen is taken care of with Linkedin. 

Chris Stephens

Social Seller

KONVERTLI has genuinely written a message sequence that has had positive responses coming in daily to my inbox and I have numerous meetings setup with my ideal clients 

Jayla Maa

Business Development Manager

Your Proven Data Driven

Lead Generation Strategy


Our LinkedIn outreach strategy targets & engages your most qualified decision makers, 

driving them directly into your sales funnel.


Build targeted and qualified lists of your ideal prospects active on LinkedIn


Write clear and personal cold outreach messages that actually get responded to


Send thousands of custom messages to your ideal prospects every single month


You're instantly notified when leads respond, for you to close the deal


Take A Look At The Client Dashboard


  • LinkedIn response handling inbox for higher efficiency

  • Real time campaign metrics reports for complete visibility

  • Automatic tracking and lead tagging so you never miss opportunities

  • Intelligent response sentiment tracking

  • Response handling templates to save you time

  • Email notification for interested leads and campaign performance

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